St. John's Presbyterian Church Toronto

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Title of Position:  Christian Education Worker

January 22, 2017

St. Johns Presbyterian Churchs Mission:  St. Johns is a place where everyone has the opportunity to experience God through Jesus Christ.  Christian faith is the foundation which gives life to our nurturing and caring.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are equipped to reach out into the community and beyond, as we seek to live out Gods love.

Job Description:

Sunday School

1.    Oversee and teach Sunday School classes ensuring maintenance of teaching materials

2.    Coordinate the childrens Christmas Worship service

Youth Activities

1.    Organize youth activities including promoting and attending East Toronto Presbytery plan events with St. Johns youth

2.    Plan and implement possible youth-led fundraising projects for humanitarian causes


1.    Administer and work within the Education Team budget

2.    Ensure all Leading with Care requirements are met including forms, teachers manuals, police checks, fire drills etc.

3.    In consultation with the Christian Education Team, develop and implement curriculum, purchase and organize all resources for children including welcoming materials

4.    Create church school schedules and organize volunteer


1.     Proven Leadership competencies

2.     Skills to explore and develop creative outreach options in an enthusiastic yet realistic way

3.     High degree of organization.

4.     Ability to work within a team.

5.     Flexible and creative

6.     Ability to develop and fully implement new ideas and problem solve.

7.     Proven ability to use volunteers effectively.

8.     Ability to implement ideas through a team that is recruited from the congregation and/or the community.


1.     11 hours x  $ 20.00  per week based on 10 months of the year ( September til June) that includes meetings with the Minister and the volunteers

2.    Other hours to be determined by program demands


Please submit your cover letter and resume to Elizabeth Speers at February 15th.