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The choir of  St. John's has a dedicated group of singers and soloists who practice in the santuary each Sunday at 9:45 a.m before worship, from September to June.  Our organist and choir director Grace Han and the choir ethusiastically lead the praise of the people during the worship service.  Choral repertoire encompasses ancient, classical and contemporary music. 
The santuary has a three-manual Keates pipe organ and an Heintzman grand piano.

The children of our Church School enhance the joy of music at St. John's throughout the year when they sing in church for special occasions including the Christmas Pagent, Earth Sunday, Easter, and Family Sunday.
There are opportunities to make music at St. John's if you sing or play a musical instrument. Your participation would be cordially welcomed. 
     Please call or e-mail Grace Han (
Tel: (416) 740-2801  

The Choir of 2019


The Pipe Organ was built by The Keates Organ Company.   It contains 39 stops, 34 ranks of pipes, 2043 individual pipes, together with the usual complement of pistons and couplers. 
The Console is of the draw knob type and its action is electro-pneumatic.  There are Four main divisions:  Three manuals and Pedal board.

The  organ was dedicated  in 1962 to those who made the Supreme Sacrifice  in the First and Second World Wars.

The Great Organ


Open Diapason 8’, Melodia 8’, Dulciana 8, Principal 4’, Twelfth 2 2/3’, Fourniture 1V, Trumpet 8’, Chimes, Great Super.

The Swell Organ


Bourdon 16’, Stopped Flute 8’, Viola da Gamba 8’, Vox Angelica 8’, Principal 4’, Traverse Flute 4’, Blockflote 2’, Plein Jeu 111, Trompette 8’, Hautbois 4’, Swell Super, Swell Unison Off, Swell Sub, Tremulant.

The Choir Organ


Quintadena 8’, Gemshorn 8’, Spitsgedeckt 4’, Hazard  2 2/3’, Piccolo 2’, Tierce 1 3/5’, Schalmei 8’, Trumpet 8’ (from Great), Choir Super, Choir Sub, Tremulant.

The Pedal Organ


Resultant 32’, Open Diapason 16’, Violone 16’, Bourdon 16’, Gedeckt 16’ (from Swell), Bass Flute, Octave, Cello, Choral Bass, Super Octave, Posaune, TrombaClarion.